State Minister


Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan’s answers to “Azat Artsakh” newspaper


- Were there any significant events in the life of your party in 2012? As a chairman of the party could you evaluate or mark out any of them?

In 2012 presidential elections took place which were significant in the life of our party as well. “Azat Hayrenick” had an active participation in that important political campaign and supported B. Sayakyan. As a chairman of the party it is very important for me that my party members are unanimous in such political actions and do their utmost to realize our adopted principles and approaches.

- The Parliament is also a political tribune for parliamentary parties: in this sense how does “Azat Hayrenick ” use that tribune?

The Parliament is very important and influential body for political discussions and announcements. We make use of the given opportunity and always try to present our viewpoints and convictions to the representatives of the Assembly and the community. Many people are aware of the ideas and programs of our party from speeches and votes of our deputies. 

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