State Minister


Interview of Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan to “Nor Yaraj” newspaper


1. The main purpose of my visit is to meet representatives of the Armenian community and businessmen once again and present them problems and expectations of Artsakh. Indeed, we are interested in the life of our compatriots in Diaspora and new ways of deepening our bilateral relations. I must say that all the meetings we had at the turn of March were interesting and effective. Our interlocutors understood that Artsakh is attractive for economic activity and the solvent compatriots from abroad must have propensity to make investments for the benefit of NKR social-economic state and increasing international authority.

The key idea we stimulated in Paris and other places is the following: in Artsakh patriotism and business must go hand in hand. The result of those meetings will be seen in the nearest future.

2. The Armenians of France are in a key position in the nation promoting preaching field on Diaspora scale. I consider very necessary cooperation of Armenian community of France also in the sphere of information, getting prompt and regular information from Artsakh and passing information about France reality.In this direction there are some tasks to do. I have optimistic mood and I am sure that with our joint steps we can strengthen our fatherland. 

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