Ararat Danielyan


Minister of Justice of AR

In office since

Curriculum Vitae

Date and place of birth
January 16, 1958,c. Stepanakert

1977 entered Teacher Training Institute, the faculty of history and graduated from it in 1981.
1981-1983 was in the ranks of Soviet Army.
1990 entered all-union juridical institute in Moscow, then moved to Yerevan State University and graduated from it in 1999 and got legal profession.

Career Experience
1983-1988 worked in Young Communists' League (YCL) of Stepanakert.
1989-1990 was the secretary of the head of NKAR Special Governing Department.
1991-1992 was assistant of the head of planned-economy department.
1992-1994 was the assistant of the chairman of Council of Ministers.
1994-2004 was the chief of the NKR President's Staff.
1994-1997 combined the post of secretary of NKR Security Council.
1994- 1997 was at the head of the Amnesty Issues Commission attached to the NKR President.
2004-2007 hold the position of Vice-Prime Minister of NKR
2007-2010 hold the position of the chairman of NKR Supreme Court.
2010-2011 adviser of the NKR President.
2011 was appointed in the position of NKR President’s adviser - NKR President’s permanent representative in the NKR National Assembly.
September 22, 2012 by the decree of the NKR President was appointed NKR Minister of Justice.

September 25, 2017 by the decree of the  President of Artsakh Republic was appointed AR Minister of Justice.

Other Information
1981-1983 was in the ranks of Soviet Army.
Liable for service.

Party Membership

Personal Status
Married, has two children.