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NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan's visit to GDR


On October 29 NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan arrived in GDR by the invitation of RA honorary consul in Hessen federal Land Brayan  Fera and governor of the district of Bergstrasse Matthias Wilkes.

On October 30, governor of the district Wilkes organized a reception and press conference in honour of the NKR Prime Minister. Mr. Wilkes told the journalists about his visit to Artsakh, his positive impressions and future cooperation projects. He touched upon the airport, which in his opinion still does not function because of Azerbaijan’s political pressure and damages the regular development of the region. NKR Prime Minister and deputy of RA National Assembly Vahan Hovhannisyan briefly submitted NKR history, present situation of the conflict to the journalists.

Within the frameworks of the reception NKR Prime Minister asserted solemnly in the “Golden book” of Bergstrasse district  the beginning of concluding friendship between NKR and Bergstrasse district. Deputy of the RA NA V.Hovhannisyan and permanent representative of NKR in GDR put their signatures under the contract of friendship.

On the same day RA honorary consul Mr. Fera arranged reception-dinner in his residence in honour of the NKR Prime Minister, where participated more than 80 persons: diplomats, honorary consuls and businessmen.

In his speech NKR Prime Minister submitted briefly Artsakh’s history and present situation.

On October 31 A.Haroutyunyan visited a company in the city Lapenhyme which produces agricultural food-stuffs.

On the same day an event at the bank Sparkasse of the city Benshyme took place where representatives of different regions made a speech. On behalf of the Republic of Armenia RA honorary consul Mr.Fera and deputy of RA NA Vahan Hovhannisyan spoke on behalf of the Republic of Armenia. In his speech NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan submitted economic situation of Artsakh Republic, mentioned those spheres of economy which need foreign investment for future development. Prime Minister emphasized that all the investments are protected by the law and the Government is ready to assist every investor.

At the end NKR Prime Minister, deputy of RA NA and RA honorary consul answered the questions of the present.


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