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Government approved “State budget 2014” draft


At the session of the NKR Government

Today a regular session of the NKR government chaired by Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan has been held.

First, the NKR minister of economy and finances S. Tevosyan presented to the Executive’s discussion the NKR law draft “On the NKR state budget 2014”. He underlined that during working out the draft he was guided by the attached principles of president’s pre-election, government’s activities for 2012-17 as well as medium term consumed programs. In 2014 the volume of GDP is expected to be at the rate about AMD 189.1 billion ensuring 9 per cent real increase. According to the carried out macroeconomic insights subtext in 2014 the revenue side of the budget will amount AMD 77 BN 138 MN, and the expenditure side will amount 80 BN 660 MN, budget gap is estimated at AMD 3 BN 522 MN. The intergovernmental loan size to be issued  by the RA to the NKR in 2014 will amount 44 BN, which is higher by 11% as compared with the previous year.

With the aim of ensuring wage raise a sum about 8.3 BN drams is provided by the state budget. From January 1, the Government foresees to raise pension sizes paid from the state budget. In 2014 fundamental pension size provided by the state budget 2014 will be AMD 14.000, which is higher by 7.7% as compared with the rate of 2013 (13.000). The average social pension per month will amount AMD 18.300 against previous year’s 17.200, and the average labour pension will amount AMD 37.800 instead of preplanned AMD 32.700.

In the law “On Income Tax” and in a number of laws proceeding from it and approved at the session, functioning income tax and compulsory social welfare payments will be united, types of statements submitted by the tax payers will be reduced, calculation methods will be simplified and created favourable legislation field for pensionary reforms.

Changes and amendments will be done in the draft laws “On public service”, “On employment”, “On civil service” and in “NKR criminal code”.

By the NKR draft law “On state pensions” it is proposed to clarify calculation resolution of labour pension owing to which the rate of pension of those pensioners who get low pension will be increased.

All the mentioned draft laws will be submitted to the discussion of National Assembly by the defined order.

Annual projects of 2014 on children’s rights, invalids’ social protection, employment regulation have been approved at the session.

Small and medium entrepreneurial state assistance project of 2014 is aimed at ensuring state’s economic growth stability. The Government will mainly realize the submitted project by means of two funds: Artsakh Investment Fund and Village and Agriculture Assisting Fund. By the State Budget 2014 it is foreseen to provide AMD 2 500.0 million to Artsakh Investment Fund and AMD 820.0 million to village and Agriculture Assisting Fund.


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