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NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan’s New Year congratulatory message


Dear compatriots,
We say good bye to 2013, which was one of the main periods of solving key problems set before our country. During the year we managed to ensure considerable economic increase and gain serious achievements in many spheres. Sometimes they are not visible because of increasing prices, which is not conditioned by local circumstances, shadow our success.
We hope that it is interim occurrence, and in the nearest future our progress will be more visible.
The priorities of Government’s activities are raising living standards of our citizens, strengthening their social welfare and security. The state does a large number of investments in these spheres and realizes dozens of important programmes.
We anticipate reforms in the sphere of wages and pensions. We shall allot means for the development of small and medium enterprises. We shall do our best for our people to find happiness and the meaning of their life in the homeland. Final settlement of Artsakh’s problem dictates us to act more prudently and purposeful.
Dear compatriots,
New Year is a beautiful and pleasant family holiday. Wishing your families love, amity and prosperity. Let  God be always with our people.
Warmest wishes for a happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

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