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Prime Minister’s visit to Kashatagh


On January 11, Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan visited northern part of Kashatagh region to see the works done and discuss existing problems with the inhabitants and region’s leadership.
Prime Minister visited a number of communities. In the community Bazmatus was introduced with the possibilities of the farm and existing conditions for cattle-breeding development. In the communities Artashav and Vardut the head of the Government saw the conditions of the newly built schools attaching importance to the school building role in region’s development emphasizing that its efficiency depends on demographic increase. In the community Shalua Prime Minister convened a conference with the participation of heads of communities and headmasters of schools.
During the conference Prime Minister attached importance to the role of state assisting projects stimulating cattle-breeding and bee-keeping. A number of questions were raised by the inhabitants during the meeting concerning drinking and irrigation water systems, economic development prospects and construction. Ara Haroutyunyan assigned tasks on the spot. By his words stable development of Kashatagh region will be always in the focus of attention as a strategic issue for Artsakh.
During the visit minister of industrial infrastructures Hakob Ghahramanyan and head of Kashatagh regional administration  Souren Khachatryan accompanied Prime Minister.

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