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Meeting with students and lecturers of agrarian university


On January 28 Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan met with the students and lecturers of Stepanakert’s branch of Armenian national agrarian university. Prime Minister mentioned the importance of meetings with students and said that such meetings give a possibility to be in direct contact with society.
Reverting to the role of agriculture Ara Haroutyunyan emphasized food problem in the world, the only solution of which is developed agriculture.
Speaking about the works done for the development of agriculture during the last years, A.Haroutyunyan mentioned machine and tractor base enrichment with numerous agricultural machinery, credit and subsidy giving equal to milliards AMD, increase of livestock number and provision of cultured plants’ multiformity. Prime Minister attached importance to some success acquired in training specialists of agrarian field where the role of agrarian university is great enough.
At the end of the meeting students and lecturers had a chance to submit their proposals and questions to the Prime Minister. In the result of discussions a number of operative consents had been reached between the Government and university for more effective cooperation.

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