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The state will partly subsidize the energy consumed by the population


At the NKR Government session
Today a regular session of the NKR Government chaired by the Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan has been held.
Two decisions adopted by the Executive concerned business environment; the action plan for improvement of business environment and the rules of estimation and approvement programs of public-private sectors’ partnership had been affirmed.
The Government approved the action plan aimed at realizing economic development program by the 2014 state budget funds.
The Executive endorsed agricultural programs and measurements defined by the 2014 state budget. About AMD 3BN will be allocated for the realization of 12 important agricultural programs.
The Government affirmed the complex development program of real estate cadaster for 2014 that is going to be realized by state budget funds.

Proceeding from the compensation of energy’s former and acting tariffs’ difference, by the adopted decision the state will partly subsidize expenses of the energy consumed by the population (for day-time tariff 13 AMD and 8 AMD for night-time tariff for 1 kw/h including VAT).
By the Executive’s adopted decision, the list of buildings and constructions of state bodies and organizations, as well as objects of significant importance subject to guarding by the Police, was changed including the new building of the Ministry of Agriculture.
The members of the Government approved the centralized action plan of the Ministry of Education and Science for the 2014, which includes plans for educational reforms, organization of subject olympiad, scientific conferences, publishing activity, summer holidays at school and etc.
By the changes and additions in the law on registry and in the NKR Family code it was proposed to define the same matrimonial age-18 years old for both men and women. Simultaneously, exceptions of matrimonial age are defined equally - a person can marry, when he or she is 17 or 16 if one of them is 18 years old. The law drafts will be submitted to the discussion of the NKR National Assembly.
At the end of the session the head of the Department of Tourism and Historical Environment Protection of NKR Sergey Shahverdyan delivered a brief speech on NKR delegation’s participation in international exhibition held in the city of Madrid.

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