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The Government defined standards of cultural territories


Chaired by the Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan a regular Government session has been held.
By the Government decision the term of licenses issued to “Eco Farm” LTD for transportation, storage, distribution and selling activities are extended by three years.
According to another decision concerning the healthcare sphere the process of buying insulin for the need of NKR population was organized as well. In 2014 insulin will be got at the lowest price - 3.33 USD for an ampoule.
By the changes to the decision on charitable programs, Artsakh’s government’s committee regulating benevolent programs can qualify the program charitable taking as a basis the decision adopted by the similar committee of the RA, and the facts that the program will be realized in the territories of NKR and RA and the executor is registered in the NKR as a legal person. If during the program realization a lease agreement is concluded and the committee estimated the deal as charitable the tax-farmer enjoys tax privileges.
The Government approved state order of purchasing services of “Stepanakert’s nursing house” SNCO foreseen by state budget 2014.
The Government order of purchasing services of TV and radio programs is defined by another law. The price of a social package including 10 TV programs amounts AMD 240 million.
Standards of NKR cultural territories were defined and the list of cultural territories affirmed. According to the mentioned standards the city Shoushi, the villages Patara and Tsaghkashat of Askeran region, the village Mets Tagher of Hadrout region were included in the list.
The Government approved the project of tourism development and its action plan of 2014. The Executive proposed changes in the NKR law “On State Tax” according to which henceforth the state will be exempted of the state tax payment in the deals of registering real estate that is the state’s property. Changes and additions were proposed in the NKR laws “On Legal Acts” and “On the time-limit of National Assembly”. The draft laws will be submitted to the discussion of the NKR National Assembly”.

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