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The Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic visited Hadrut and frontier villages in the south


On March 6, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan visited the region of Hadrut to be present at the reports of the communities’ heads of Hadrut town, Arackel and Arevshat villages and to meet with the local inhabitants.
During the meeting in Hadrut town the head of the Government reverted to the works done, problems and development projects of the community. He gave importance to the construction of the second kindergarten which will function from September, as well as emphasized the construction of new multistory buildings which will have their particular role in the development of the town. In answer to the problems raised by the inhabitants the Prime Minister promised to assist the community in acquiring tractor and sprinkling truck.
The minister of culture and youth affairs Narine Aghabalyan was present at the meeting, who handed over the mayor of the town the copy of friendship declaration concluded between Hadrut and the city of Vienne few days ago.
During the meeting with the population of the communities of Arackel and Arevshat the Prime Minister emphasized their strategic importance as extreme south settlements. In this viewpoint Ara Haroutyunyan assured that they are in the focus of authorities’ attention. Speaking about the realized works he attached importance to the building of new schools and other support programs carried out in 2 villages. He also appealed the dwellers to be joint in solving community problems.
At the end of the meeting Prime Minister answered the questions of the villagers and gave corresponding explanations.During the visit he was accompanied by the head of Hadrut regional administration Valery Gevorgyan.

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