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Damage of frost on agriculture is not great


Today Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan invited a consultation devoted to sanitation and spring sowing works.
The head of the Government charged to start community work days in the Republic from April 7 till May 9. He persuaded heads of regional administrations and the participants of the consultation to take personal part in community work day and set an example for the citizens. The Prime Minister told that the Government would do its utmost by providing material and technical means and the responsible bodies must involve the youth, pupils and workers associations as far as possible.
During the consultation minister of agriculture Andranik Khachatryan told that sharp change in the temperature did not caused much damage to the Republic’s agriculture. The frost mainly damaged peach and apricot trees, but for grain crops precipitation is favourable. Executive director of village and agriculture fund Ashat Bakhshiyan reported that the required volume of sowing seeds, fertilizers and pesticides is in existence and the distribution is in process. He also noted that the imported 40 Byelorussian tractors had been realized, but there is a need for 40 ones as well. By Prime Minister’s instruction the fund will begin the program of issuing credits on favourable terms for purchasing agricultural machinery in order to avoid technical malfunctions during agricultural works.


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