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Considerable demographic increase in Artsakh instead of emigration


Today, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic, chairman of Artsakh State University’s council Ara Haroutyunyan has met with the students of the faculty of history and politology.
The head of the Government welcomed the students’ initiative to meet with him attaching importance to the significance of such meetings for providing authority-society tie and listening to the youth’s opinion. Ara Haroutyunyan reverted to the social-economic and political conditions in soviet period mentioning that it was not allowed to celebrate national holidays, the role of the Armenian language was in background at schools and so on. The Prime Minister emphasized that the people of Artsakh were decisive in self-defence issue, chose demographic development policy and had considerable success.
In answer to the emigration question the head of the Executive told that there was only a small leak of the population, which is mainly circumstanced by temporary working. According to Ara Haroutyunyan in parallel to this in recent years a visible demographic increase had been registered in the republic. He emphasized that if in 2002-2007 about 2100 babies were born annually in Artsakh, then in 2008-2013 this number increased to 2500-2600, ensuring about 20 percent increase in birth rate. He attached great importance to the economic development which would prevent both emigration and natural demographic increase. He appraised the Government’s work in economic development satisfactorily, as in recent 6 years it succeed in registering about 9 percent growth in GDP.
During the meeting the head of the Government answered the questions raised by the students. At the end of the meeting the Prime decorated a number of faculty members with Prime Minister’s medals.

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