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NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan’s congratulatory message to Hovik Abrahamyan


Today, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan has sent a congratulatory message to the newly appointed Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan, which runs as follows:
“Dear Mr. Abrahamyan
Accept my sincere congratulations in view of the appointment in the position of the RA Prime Minister. I am sure that your activity as a Prime Minister will be effective and fruitful which in its turn will promote Artsakh’s prosperity. Since our independence the leadership of the Republic of Armenia has been in close contact with the second armenian republic and has assisted the development and strengthening of Artsakh Republic. I am hopeful that you will extend this tradition and your collaboration with the Government of Artsakh, other wings of the leadership and society will be more comprehensive.
Wishing you new achievements in your new position.

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