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Wages will be increased in tobacco-growing sphere


On April 11, Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan visited the villages of Vazgenashen, Nor shen and Berdashen of Martuni region to listen to the annual reports of the community heads and have a meeting with the local people.
The head of Vazgenashen community reported that in the previous year the streets of the village were beautified and illuminated, the aid-post and the community hall had been reconstructed. Among the urgent problems he marked out shortage of water. The Prime Minister suggested to build a new system of drinking water by the local efforts, which will be supported by the Government.
The head of the Government attached importance to the role of tobacco-growing in creating new job places and appealed all those present to take the opportunity allowed by “Masis Tobacco” company and to be engaged in tobacco growing.
The community head of Nor shen alongside with other works marked out reconstruction of the celebration hall, the clubhouse and the church, as well as resurfacing of the roads. The reconstruction of the new school building is in process. According to the Prime Minister nearly all the communities have the necessary infrastructures and the main problem remains economic development and population’s activity. He stressed that a villager would have good social conditions if he had guaranteed source of income; and the abovementioned is possible only due to competent and conscientious work.
The community head of Berdashen presented the works realized by the means of benefactors in particular the celebrations hall. The roads have been resurfaced by the community means. According to Ara Haroutyunyan the problem of irrigation water must be solved by the Government’s assistance.
The head of the Executive informed that the Government is planning to give impetus to tobacco growing in this territory. After the meeting Ara Haroutyubyan invited a consultation with the participation of the representatives of “Masis Tobacco” company and the tobacco workers, he assigned the corresponding officials to solve the irrigation problem. He also told that together with the representatives of the plant they settled to raise the wages of the workers in this field. The representative of “Masis Tobacco” company informed that in Artsakh the largest volume of tobacco cultivation is in Berdashen and concluded that this year it will reach to about 150 hectares.

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