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Soon the problem of hostels in A. Manukyan street will be solved


Today, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan received the residents of hostels of A. Manukyan street. They discussed questions concerning the buildings’ repairs and alienation.
In his words the Prime Minister mentioned that President Bako Sahakyan‘s election program provided for the solution of the emergency buildings and hostels problems. The head of the Executive told that the citizens must be aware of the state’s means and refer to the Government’s decisions with understanding.
Ara Haroutyunyan informed the residents that the problem of the hostels will be solved as soon as possible. He noticed that some families would get flats from other housing facilities, and the vacated rooms would be given to other families that would remain. The head of the Government added that the state would undertake the construction of all the infrastructures making the hostels corresponding to the norms of the urban planning buildings.
In answer to the questions the Prime Minister noticed that the commission dealing with this problem would develop corresponding principles negotiating with all the families. The list of the families that will get flats and other ones that must remain will be made out on the bases of those principles.

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