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The Government approved the act of execution of NKR state budget 2013


At the NKR Government session
Today, the recurrent session of the NKR Government took place chaired by the Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan.
The statement of NKR state budget execution of 2013 has been submitted to the Government’s discussion. The Minister of Finances and Economy Spartak Tevosyan quoted some important macroeconomic indicators: economic growth in 2013 made up 9.3 percent. Volume of industrial output made up 44.3 billion AMD, which increased by 10 percent against 2012. Gross output of agriculture made up 55.2 billion AMD, increasing by 9.2 percent against last year. The volume of foreign trade in the republic made up 328.5 million USD: comparing with 2012 import volumes decreased by 7.7 percent, export volumes increased by 3.2 percent.
According to S.Tevosyan the intergovernmental credit equal to 39 billion AMD was given totally.
The own incomes made up about 27 billion 919 million AMD, the expenses 69 million 600 million AMD and the deficit made up about 2 billion 500 million AMD. The statement of the 2013 state budget execution has been approved by the Government and will be submitted to the NA of NKR.
The executive defined the sizes of one-off grant assigned for particular groups in view of May 9: 50 thousand AMD will be disposed to the participants of the Great Patriotic War and to the perished soldiers’ families, 25 thousand AMD will be disposed to the invalids of the Great Patriotic War.
The Government affirmed annual report of the 2013 of state property privatization, which will be submitted to the discussion of the National Assembly. By the words of the chief of the NKR Government staff L. Grigoryan, 12.9 million AMD was credited to state budget from privatization deals, 11 million of which was transferred to the state budget and the rest to the community budgets.
During the session the Prime Minister gave assignments to the Government members; Minister of Urban Planning K.Shahramanyan was charged to visit the construction site of the trade school in Shoushi and find out the reason of the workers’ salary delay.


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