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“Artsakh” compatriotic union is ready to assist Artsakh’s development programs


Yesterday, the NKR Vice Premier A. Aghabekyan received members of “Artsakh” compatriotic union headed by the newly-elected chairman Varuzhan Grigoryan. A. Aghabekayan welcomed the goal of the visit; that is to involve the union in artsakhian process and regions development programs. The vice Prime Minister, in particular, mentioned undertakings of the authorities aimed at Araks valley development, which create favourable conditions to use valley’s resources in full. Speaking about Araksavan’s resettlement and development programs the Vice Premier attached importance to Government’s assistance. According to him the Government is ready to assist those business programs, which will bring to the increase of economic indices.
During the meeting the members of “Artsakh” compatriotic union got acquainted with a number of programs being realized in strategically important spheres. He also attached importance to the investments aimed at Artsakh’s development.
Chairman of “Artsakh” compatriot union V.Grigoryan in his speech of welcome mentioned that the members of the union are ready to participate in realization of Artsakh’s development programs.


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