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State budget performance statement is presented at the National Assembly


Today, the Government of the Artsakh Republic headed by Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan presented the 2013 budget performance statement at the National Assembly.
Minister of finances and economy S. Tevosyan presented some important indices. In particular, in 2013 growth of GDP in the republic amounted to 9.3%, increase is recorded in industry by 10%, agriculture-9.2% and construction- 18.5%. According to S. Tevosyan an intergovernmental credit has been allowed in full – about AMD 39 billion. The own incomes amounted about AMD 27 billion 919 million, which makes up 88.6% of the foreseen figure, the expenditures amounted AMD 69 billion 600 million, deficit estimated at AMD 2 billion 500 million.
In addition to Tevosyan’s statement Prime Minister A. Haroutyunyan gave clarifications to some questions. Speaking about reasons of import volumes decrease in the year of account, the head of the Government noted that it was at the expense of domestic product’s volume increase. As for decrease in export volumes, according to Prime Minister it is conditioned with the postponement of some major programs realization in the sphere of mine industry.
The deputies were interested in the questions concerning intergovernmental credit received from the Republic of Armenia. The Prime Minister stressed that major part of the sum is custom duties levied in the RA custom posts for the imported goods, which is returned to the NKR’s state budget in the form of intergovernmental credit.


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