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The Prime Minister congratulated journalists


Today, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan sent a congratulatory message to journalists in view of their professional holiday, which runs as follows:
“Dear journalists
Accept my heartfelt congratulations on the journalists’ day.The work you carry out is indispensable in the way of our state building process. Really, the Fourth Estate is the tool ensuring mutual public-state relation. You elucidate a number of problems and the transparency has a pivotal place in the activity of state bodies.
The Government is ready to listen to the voice of society by means of the mass media and submit its viewpoints and projects as well. Of course, it is necessary to work hard for the sake of democratic development of Artsakh and for the welfare of society.
Once again accept my warmest wishes, let your thoughts be bright and your pen winning. Health and success to your families.”

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