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Coefficients of salary rate calculation have been affirmed


Today, the recurrent session of the NKR Government took place chaired by the Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan.
During the session the coefficients of salary rate calculation were affirmed connected with the wage increase from July 1. According to the Minister of Finance and Economy Spartak Tevosyan minimum wage in the Republic will be AMD 50 thousand. The wage of the heads of communities will be doubled, as for the power structures their salary will be conformed to the coefficients of the defence army.
Attaching importance to the wage increase process, the Prime Minister mentioned that one of the President’s pre-election provisions is brought to life. He added that wage increase will ease social tension and will increase living standard of the population. In parallel with the improvement of social situation will decrease the number of those leaving the republic, thus the state governing system will become more competitive. The head of the Government noticed that the new wage policy required large sums. He exhorted to control costs and work in the direction of increasing budget revenues.
The head of the Executive considers the results of all these poor because the minimum wage still remains lower than the price of consumer good basket; there is much to do in this direction,-he mentioned.
Among negative consequences caused by wage increase he marked out rise in prices and possible reduction in private sector; he also mentioned that all the levers will be used both in state and private sectors to prevent it. According to him the rates of wage increase must surpass the rise in prices. Thus, 10% of minimum wage increase is foreseen by 2015. He congratulated everybodyl concerning the wage increase considering it the most important step in the way of Artsakh’s social economic development.

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