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Opening of the repaired hospital in Chartar


Today, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan visited the village of Chartar of Martuni region to participate in the opening ceremony of the repaired hospital. The Minister of Health Haroutyun Koushkyan and the leader of Artsakh Diocese Pargev Archbishop Martirosyan accompanied him.
The employees of the hospital, inhabitants of the community, Haroutyun Koushkyan and Pargev Martirosyan delivered a speech and thanked the benefactors during the official ceremony. The benefactors Vladimir Avagyan and Hamlet Hambardzumyan attached importance to the existence of comfortable and equipped hospital in such a large community.
The Prime Minister got acquainted with the conditions of the hospital, thanked the benefactors and assured that the Government is ready to assist the realization of their projects.
At the end the Prime Minister convened a council where some issues concerning the construction of the church were discussed with the participation of the benefactors and corresponding specialists.

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