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The activity of “Artsakhenergo” CJSC was summarized


On June 26, the Prime Minister of NKR Ara Haroutyunyan was present at the general meeting of “Artsakhenergo” CJSC, where participated the deputies of the National Assembly, the Minister of Industrial Infrastructures and responsibles of the sphere.
The executive director of “Artsakhbank” CJSC Tigran Tsaturyan reported on the works done and financial economic activity during 2013. According to his words access of the electricity in 2013 made up 269,1 million kilowatt hour, which increased by 5,4 million kilowatt hour in comparison with 2012, thus 2 % increase was recorded. T.Tsaturyan emphasized that though electricity consumption volumes increase year after year in the republic, actual losses, on the contrary, are less against the previous year indices. Actual losses in 2010 made up 17%, consumption in 2013 increased by 36,2 million kilowatt hour (more than 15,5 percent) actual losses formed 15,2 percent.
Ara Haroutyunyan attached importance to the works done for the development of this strategic sphere. By the Prime Minister’s words the state needs 25 milliard for providing the sphere’s regular activity. Ara Haroutyunyan proposed to review the salary of the employees of “Artsakhenergo” CJSC and raise it by 15-20 percent from July 1.
The activity of the regional branches of “Artsakhenergo” during 2013 was summed up as well during the meeting.


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