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The Prime Minister of NKR met with the representatives of companies rendering taxi services


On July 1, the Prime Minister of NKR Ara Haroutyunyan met with the representatives of a number of companies rendering taxi services.
By the Prime Minister’s words the President assigned a task to realize discussions with the participation of concerned bodies. He mentioned that some companies got assistance from Artsakh Investment Fund for acquiring new cars, which will spur the development of tourism.
The Minister of NKR industrial infrastructures Hakob Ghahramanyan mentioned that the number of companies rendering taxi services increased and there are more than 300 licensed taxi cars in the republic.
The Prime Minister proposed those present to raise the questions troubling them. The representatives of the companies mentioned the following problems; existence of non-licensed cars, gas tariff, bad roads, difficulties with yellow tags and high taxes.
Reverting to the above mentioned problems A.Haroutyunyan instructed to control and prohibit the non-licensed taxi services. As for the high taxes he emphasized that the taxes in Karabakh are lower as compared with the Republic of Armenia. To the question about gas tariff A.Haroutyunyan answered that the sphere has been studied and the owners of gas-filling stations have been proposed to review gas tariffs in a short space of time.

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