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The Vice Premier expects new investments in Artsakh from the Diaspora’s Armenian businessmen


On July 3, the Vice Premier of NKR Artur Aghabekyan had a meeting with a number of members of “Hayastan” all Armenian fund’s branch in France.
Welcoming the guests A.Aghabekyan presented briefly the works done by the fund for Artsakh’s development.
Talking about their impressions the representatives of the Armenian community in France asked questions about Artsakh’s social-economic life concerning different spheres.
A.Aghabekyan mentioned the construction of the motor highway Vardenis-Martakert which is of a great importance. He emphasized that many years ago we were expecting assistance from the Diaspora, but now the approaches have changed, we want the Armenian businessmen from Diaspora make investments for starting business in Artsakh, which in their turn will create new job places.
To the question about Stepanakert’s airport operation the vice premier answered that people of Artsakh expect an assistance from the international community hoping that Armenian communities in Diaspora will be involved in preaching actively.

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