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Water problems existing in communities will be solved


Today the NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan invited a consultation to discuss questions concerning drinking and irrigation water, haying, repayment of farmers’ depts, and preparation for agricultural works.
During the active irrigation period there is a problem of drinking and irrigation water, which is conditioned by reduction of precipitations. For many years there is no such lack of precipitations in Artsakh, precipitations are not expected in the nearest future. According to the Prime Minister for overcoming the emerged situation necessary measures must be taken.
Minister of infrastructures development of NKR Hakob Ghahramanyan presented a summary report on the situation existing in the communities. The centralized water supply is damaged in 56 communities of the republic. This problem requires an urgent solution.
On the instruction of the Prime Minister “Water supply and drainage” CJSC will undertake necessary measures for supplying the habitants with minimum, daily 100-120 liters, water. In other communities water problem will be solved by means of regional administrations and community heads and the suggested options.
The process of forage harvesting was also discussed during the consultation. The heads of regional administrations reported on the gathered stock and the existing deficit. According to them the local resources will meet the existing needs.
Minister of agriculture Andranik Khachatryan presented the results of harvesting. According to him 45 thousand hectares of wheat field have been reaped, the average performance is not satisfying. According to the head of the government the current year was extremely unfavorable for grain crops.
A. Haroutyunyan assigned the heads of regional administrations to present information and proposals for organizing the next year’s agricultural works effectively. According to him taking into account unfavorable weather conditions the farmers will get considerable privileges.



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