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Don’t raise panic giving way to gossips and provocations


Today, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan summarized the executive’s work done during six months and answered the journalists’ questions.
By the Prime Minister’s words the data of GDP during six months show that the Government will implement its obligations though the results recorded in the sphere of agriculture were displeasing because of weather conditions. This gap will fill the spheres of industry, especially mining industry, light industry and production of construction materials.
Reverting to the process of projects realized by the Government the Prime Minister attached importance to the management of agricultural preparatory works in 2015, improvement of housing conditions for the inhabitants living in hostels and so on.
Speaking about the raise of salary from July 1, A.Haroutyunyan mentioned that it will promote the slackening of social tension.
Answering the question about the rise of electricity tariff A.Haroutyunyan emphasized that only major consumers will feel the rise in price from August 11, the other subscribers will be subsidized by the state.
Reverting to Levon Hayrapetyan’s arrest the Prime Minister said, “Everybody knows the way he passed that is why I have doubts of his being guilty. I am sure that his innocence will be proved soon. At the moment we are concerned about his state of health. Corresponding bodies and persons do their best to assist the artsakhi benefactor. Levon Hayrapetyan did much for his native village Vank: he created all the necessary infrastructures, the only thing that the inhabitants have to do is using this potential for providing social- economic development.
To the question about the diversion in the region of Karvachar and about concerns among the inhabitants A.Haroutyunyan answered , “There is no need to worry, don’t give way to gossips and provocations. The goal of the opponent is to raise panic among the society".
During the press conference the Premier answered a number of other questions of journalists, among which was the reconstruction of Stepanakert’s dramatic theatre after V.Papazyan. By Ara Haroutyunyan’s words the theatre is in the projection phase. We shall get financial resources for the reconstruction as soon as the projection is finished.

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