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Preparatory works of autumn sowing have been discussed in the office of the NKR Prime Minister


Today, in the office of the NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan a consultation devoted to the preparatory works of autumn sowing and the process of harvesting attended by the concerned departments and heads of regional administrations has been held.
Minister of agriculture A. Khachatryan gave brief information on the results of harvesting, according to him the average crop yield per hectare is 11 centners against the previous year’s 17 centners. Low crop capacity is mainly conditioned with bad weather conditions.
Summarizing the proposals of the regional administrations’ heads on assisting the farmers, the Prime Minister noted that the state will further those farmers who have obligations, credit repayment will be extended by 5-7 years and those who suffered damages would be out of land taxes and rents for a year.
By the proposal of the Prime Minister some lands will be ploughed. The farmers will be given inexpensive fuel for carrying out corresponding works in time.
Some questions concerning the preparatory works of autumn sowing and proposals of the executive body concerning those questions will be discussed thoroughly during the consultation that will be invited by the President.

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