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The Government will provide assistance to farmers for autumn sowing works


On September 24, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan convened a conference where the heads of the regional administrations and responsibles of agricultural sphere participated.
First the Prime Minister reverted to the results of harvest of the passing year and emphasized that besides climatic conditions the main reason of low crop-yield is cultivation with wrong agro-rules. By the Prime Minister’s words it is necessary to pay attention to such cultured plants which are durable and effective. He mentioned sunflower which provided good crop-yield in the current year in spite of unfavourable climatic conditions.
Touching upon the current autumn sowing works, the head of the Government mentioned that it is foreseen to provide AMD 80.000 interest-free loan per one hectare for a year, up to 10 hectare land from the state reserve land and AMD 50.000 to the leaseholders of community land by six percent interest-rate within the frameworks of state assistance.

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