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The Government will subsidize transport fare of some social groups


The Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan accompanied by the minister of education and science Slava Asryan visited Artsakh State University to meet with students and the teaching staff.
The rector of Artsakh State University Manush Minasyan welcomed the guests and thanked the Prime Minister for keeping the university’s problems in the focus of the Government.
Welcoming those present the Prime Minister mentioned that he was the initiator of the meeting taking into account the circumstance that the year 2014 comes to the end and the executive has already started planning the state budget law of the coming year. He assured that important suggestions raised during such meetings are often included in common policy. A.Haroutyunyan touched upon social-economic situation, as well as achievements and omissions recorded in the republic during the last years. Speaking about the volumes of the coming year’s state budget, the head of the Government informed that state budget will be foreseen within AMD 86-87 milliard, 59 milliard of which will be directed to wages, pensions and other social projects.
Touching upon the role of Artsakh State University in the economy Prime Minister mentioned that he is not satisfied with the professional quality of the graduates.
Then the Prime Minister proposed both the students and the teaching staff to ask questions troubling them.
Answering the question about the public transport fare raise and how the Government can alleviate it the Prime Minister underlined that from January 1 it will be able to subsidize the fare for the students and socially needy sectors of the society, and these options are currently in the phase of discussion with the ministry of social welfare.
In answer to the question how the Executive intends to make the mortgage programme more available for the youth Ara Haroutyunyan told that the Government develops a programme of getting flats on favourable conditions and the current level of the wage will allow to make it more accessible for broad strata of the population.
One of the students was concerned about the woodcutting in the Republic and how that process is controlled. The Prime Minister underlined that the corresponding bodies of the Government carry out control on that direction though some violations are recorded.

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