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The Government will subsidize the new price of electric power



The Executive endorsed a number of draft laws for submitting to the National Assembly in compliance with the defined order. In particular amendments were proposed to the law draft of the NKR law “On wages of state employees”. Speaking about the effective policy and the defined rates A. Haroutyunyan underlined that in regard to the wages and pensions the NKR must comply with the policy applicable in the RA.
Minister of Justice Ararat Danielyan presented a draft law on making amendments in the NKR law “On parties”. The amendments proposed to prohibit parties’ property donation.
The Executive endorsed the draft law on making amendments in the law “On the NKR administrative division” and submitted it to the National Assembly’s discussion. As noticed head of the NKR Government staff Levon Grigoryan the necessity of the draft adoption is conditioned with the consolidation of Chartar and Ghuze Chartar communities of Martuni region.
On the proposal of the ministry of industrial infrastructures, the Government made amendments in the decision N57 “On defining the order of subsidizing some part of expenses of the energy power consumed by the population” which was adopted on February 11 of the current year.
At the end of the session the head of the department of tourism and historical environment protection Sergey Shahverdyan spoke about the festival of vine that would be organized in the village of Togh and noticed that it will be open for everyone.


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