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Courses for the officials realizing control over the local self-governing bodies


Today, by the initiative of the Government staff a course for the officials realizing legal and state control over the NKR local self-governing bodies authorization supervision has been organized in Stepanakert which included about 50 responsible employees from all regional administrations of the republic.
The Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan welcomed the participants wishing them resultful work. He also expressed confidence that the acquired knowledge will help them to organize the management in the local self-governing bodies more effective.
The Prime Minister exhorted the participants to unveil the recurring problems for finding their solutions together. He criticized the employees of the regional administrations for their methods of approach to the citizens and demanded to be honest in the work, patient and immediate with the citizens.
During the courses the participants will be presented lectures on legal control over local self-governing bodies’ authorization, land use and protection, improvement of office-work and incomes collections and spend process etc.

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