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Prime Minister got acquainted with the process of infrastructures’ construction for producing black caviar


On October 26, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan and an Armenian businessman from Switzerland, shareholder of “ArtsakhHEK” OJSC Vartan Sermakesh were in Martakert region on working visit. They visited the power stations of “ArtsakhHEK” and got acquainted to the works done in the first Armenian open joint stock company.
They also visited the mine of Drmbon of the “Base Metals” mining industry company, where they looked after the production process. The Prime Minister estimated highly the role of this sphere in the development of Artsakh’s economy.
Then they visited the community Mataghis where the construction of infrastructures of one of the voluminous projects in Artsakh for producing black caviar has already started financed by Mr. Sermakesh. Very soon the first caviars will be put in about 350 ponds. V.Sermakesh got acquainted with the process of works and discussed further projects.
The head of the Government attached importance to his participation in the development of the Republic’s economy which includes a number of spheres: agriculture, bank system, hydro energy and mining industry.

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