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Control over the protection of environment will be reinforced


On November 7, a regular Government sitting was held chaired by the Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan. The Executive endorsed a number of draft laws for submitting to the National Assembly in compliance with the defined order.

By the Government’s decision the rate of the state benefit given to the children of perished soldiers and parentless children will be raised. From January 1 it will make up AMD 42 thousand instead of AMD 16 thousand.
The Government affirmed the order on partial subsidization of diesel fuel for realizing autumn sowing works.
The investment project of exploiting Kashen copper-molybdenum mine submitted by the “Base Metals” CJSC was discussed at the session. Prime Minister emphasized that more than 70 million US dollars has been already invested for Kashen. By Ara Haroutyunyan’s words the ore is transported to Drmbon’s reprocessing plant but in about a year a new high capacity plant will be launched at the spot; in the result both workplaces and state budget entries will be considerably increased.
Ara Haroutyunyan reverted to the possible influence of mining industry on the environment, emphasizing the necessity of consistent control for excluding any damage to the nature.

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