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A new program stimulating house building will be started in villages


On November 18, Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Arayik Haroutyunyan invited a consultation for discussing some issues concerning 2015 state budget planning and questions related to the new program that will be started.
According to him the income part of the 2015 state budget considers to be less than the items of expense which means that there is a necessity to plan the budget economically. A.Haroutyunyan concluded that nevertheless all state programs will be continued in regions and would be guided by the rural settlements’ development principle.
The Prime Minister presented the new program that will be started by state budget means in the frameworks of which in 2015 assistance at the rate of AMD 2 million would be allotted as well as loans on favourable terms would be given to young families for building houses in villages.
During the consultation the heads of regional administrations appeared with reports on the process of autumn sowing. In this connection the Prime Minister gave corresponding assignments to the responsible heads of departments.

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