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The volume of tobacco growing in Artsakh will be doubled in 2015


On November 20, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Araik Haroutyunyan visited the region of Martuni to discuss some issues of developing tobacco growing and expanding the net of artesian wells.
The head of the Government got acquainted with the achievements and problems of tobacco growing sphere in Berdashen. A.Haroutyunyan convened a conference with the participation of the representative of “Masis tobacco” company, tobacco growers and other responsible persons of agriculture sphere. Possibilities of future expansion of this branch in the environs of the town Martuni were discussed during the conference. According to the arrangement tobacco laying-in station will be built in Martuni and the total volume of fields will be raised to about 200 hectares.
During the consultation they discussed details concerning the formation of safe irrigation system in the region of Martuni with scarce water. In this regard minister of agriculture A. Khachatryan presented some projects on restoration of some old artesian basins as well as digging new ones. According to the Prime Minister restoration of artesian basins’ system will spur both the tobacco growing and the gardening.
At the end the Prime Minister visited the construction site of the new district that is being built in Martuni region and got acquainted with the process of work. The flats of the 2 new buildings will be distributed within the frameworks of state-guaranteed order and on credit with privileged conditions.

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