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Prime Minister’s speech at the National Assembly during the discussion of state budget draft law


On December 25, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Araik Haroutyunyan participated in the plenary session of National Assembly where the draft law of state budget 2015 had been discussed and adopted. The Prime Minister made a speech which runs as follows:

“Dear chairman of National Assembly, deputies, colleagues and guests,

We present you the draft law on NKR state budget 2015 assuming as a basis NKR Government’s activity project of 2012-2017 formed according to the requirements of NKR President Bako Sahakyan’s pre-election programme.

58 milliard AMD or 68 percent out of AMD 87,2 milliard of the budget 2015 are of social nature ( financing of salary, education and health spheres, repayment of electricity, water supply and transport). The majority of capital investments foreseen by the budget is of a social nature as well (construction of houses for social groups, construction of kindergartens, schools and so on).

Let’s mention for comparison: wages fund by the state budget 2015 are foreseen AMD 31,4 milliard, while it was AMD 28,3 milliard in 2014 and 9 milliard in 2007.

Expenses of health care system are foreseen AMD 5 milliard 750million in 2015 while it was AMD 5 milliard 92 million in 2014 and AMD 1 Milliard 620 million in 2007.

Expenses of education system are foreseen AMD 13,5 milliard in 2015 while it was AMD 11,7 milliard in 2014 and AMD 9,1 milliard in 2007.

Expenses of social system are foreseen AMD 22,1 milliard in 2015 while it was AMD 19,7 milliard in 2014 and AMD 6,2 milliard in 2007.

Thus 2015 can be considered as a year of social assistance.

I am sure we shall be able to provide sufficient rate of economic growth, create new job places and improve social state of our citizens with joint efforts. The year 2015 will be hard but successful.
Accept my congratulations in view of the New Year and Christmas. Wishing you peaceful and stable year.


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