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The Prime Minister’s yearend press conference


On December 27, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Araik Haroutyunyan gave a press conference answering a number of questions regarding both the Government’s activity and the projects foreseen.
Answering the question about the possible inflation conditioned by the membership with EEU, the Prime Minister mentioned that the Government will draw corresponding conclusions in the coming months when the customs treatment will come into force.
Reverting to the unsteadiness of foreign currency exchange recorded during the last period, the head of the executive mentioned that this unsteadiness is a serious challenge for the economy but the Government is ready to ease the social tension.
One of the journalists asked if the Prime Minister has time for his family. Ara Haroutyunyan answered, “ Basically, I spend ten days with my family during my holidays, as for the other days I do my best to get home before 12 o’clock, it’s a pity I have not enough time for my family”.
The Prime Minister Araik Haroutyunyan answered a number of other questions concerning the projects and expectations of the coming year.

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