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The Prime Minister participated in the opening of the first cooperative farming


On January 15, the Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Arayik Haroutyunyan visited the town of Chartar and participated in the opening of the cooperative farming project.
The Prime Minister welcomed the initiative of Chartar’s population to create cooperative farming and mentioned that time had shown the serious regress of agriculture in Artsakh after the dissolution of collective farms.
A.Haroutyunyan expressed conviction that the newly formed cooperative farming will promote the re-establishment of Chartar’s former agricultural potential which will have its positive influence on the increase of population’s welfare level.
The head of the territorial administration and resettlement department of the NKR Government staff Zhirayr Mirzoyan made a speech where he mentioned that the system of cooperative farming is widely used in leading countries of the world, which have successful results. He added as well that there are essential differences between modern cooperative farming and former collective farm. During the meeting A.Haroutyunyan answered a number of questions raised by the inhabitants.

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