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First rainwater irrigation system will be commissioned in the border village


On January 16, the Prime Minister of the Artsakh Republic A. Haroutyunyan visited the village of Talish of Martakert region to get acquainted with the first rainwater irrigation system of the Republic built by means of the “Support fund of village and agriculture”.
The Prime Minister attached importance to the achievement and the use of innovation technologies in agriculture. According to him it is noteworthy that this kind of system is built in a border village which would have its positive impact on the village development and will increase the villagers’ incomes. A. Haroutyunyan assured that the program would be continuous, similar systems will be built in other communities as well.
The two rainwater irrigation installations covering a total area of 100 hectares will help Talish residents to irrigate their fields. The system will be fully commissioned within the next few days.


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