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The Government has created the “Fund of social programs”


On February 24 a regular session of the NKR Government chaired by the Prime Minister Arayik Haroutyunyan has been held.
The Government appeared with a legislative initiative, submitting for the consideration the NKR law draft ”On fundamentals of management and administrative affairs”. Consequently all administrative bodies will have united principles and regulations and fundamentals of management will be defined.
A package of NKR draft laws “On making amendments in the NKR judicial code”, “On making amendments in the NKR criminal code”, “On making amendments in the NKR code on civil court proceedings”, “On making amendments in the NKR code on administrative court proceedings”, “On making amendments in the NKR code on constitutional court proceedings”, etc. By the amendments proposed to the NKR law “On registry office” it is suggested to introduce electronic system and electronic journal. The draft laws will be submitted to the NA’s discussion.
The Government approved the draft decision of creating “Fund of social programmes”. State registration of the fund will be realized in a period of two months from the date the decision comes into force, then the structure of the trustee’s board will be submitted for the Prime Minister’s approval in a three months’ period. The regulations of the fund has been affirmed during the session.
The Executive body approved the action plan of cultural and youth events realized at the expenses of state budget 2015. AMD 138 million will be allocated for realizing 11 cultural and 9 youth events.
The order of construction works’ estimation by the existing prices has been approved at the session. According to the new order interest rates for extra works estimation, coefficient of transport expenses, cash and delivery(COD) charges and other expenses have been defined. For the action plan of regulating predators livestock in the republic 5 million AMD is foreseen, and for ensuring forests action plan in the state forest fund 9million 800 thousand AMD is foreseen.
According to the programme adopted by the Government in 2015 concerning lithosphere study it is foreseen to carry out geological revision, geochemical, searching, as well as field, experimental, analytical and cameral works and estimate copper resources of Khachen. For the abovementioned works 150 million AMD from the state fund will be allocated.
Some state governing bodies have been included in the process of census that will be conducted in NKR in 2015. By the Government’s decision the composition of state commissions have been defined. By another decision of the Executive governmental commission for organizing celebrations of 70th anniversary of Great Patriotic War’s victory day, the Defence Army’s and Shoushi liberation day will be created as well.


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