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4.042 milliard AMD was transferred to the special account number of the AR Government; 19,337 million AMD on May 12


Since April 4 up to May 12 overall 4,042,283 ,429 AMD was transferred by 5,648 persons to the special account number opened by the AR Government including transfers with dollars, euros and rubles; 19,337,239 million AMD was transferred on May 12 by 74 persons.
We would like to remind that the whole sum will be directed to further strengthening of combat readiness of the defense army. On behalf of the Artsakhi people, the Government expresses its gratitude to every contributor ensuring that each penny will have a noticeable value in the process of Artsakh security provision.
Let us inform that there is a virtual POS-terminal in the website of the Ministry of Finance, where you can make your online transfers with VISA, Master and ArCa cards. The link of the page is below.
Besides it is possible to make transfers to the terminals of Tellcell company entering the display field “I am Artsakh”.
And for the transfers to bank accounts see the following data:
The acquiring bank-“Artsakhbank” CJSC
Address- Kievyan St., 3, Yerevan, Armenia
Receiver- The Ministry of Finance of Nagorno Karabakh Republic
Account number` 22300612211100 (AMD).
Account number ` 22300110153200 (USD).
Account number ` 22300200153300 (Euro).
Account number ` 22300400153100 (Ruble):
The report of transfers is periodically updated in the website of the Ministry of Finance as well.

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