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The Prime Minister assigned to submit programs on expenditure reduction


On May 17, the AR recurrent session was held chaired by Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan. The Executive Head made additions and amendments in the NKR Government’s N 889 decision dated to December 23, 2014 on “Provision of state financial support by the financial organizations for both construction and reconstruction of dwelling houses or buying them by mortgage lending for the children of fallen soldiers, refugees, large or single parent families and to the 2nd and 3rd group invalids having NKR permanent military disability”. The new decision is connected with the necessity of creating more favorable conditions for the above mentioned citizens.
The Government made additions and amendments in the N9-N decision on “State pensions”. According to the new decision it is stated that workplace pensions will be recalculated in case of the change of the main pension sizes defined for calculating workplace and military pensions”.
By concessionaire terms in the work experience including the right of getting pension the periods of holding other positions indicated in a separate list are also calculated and in case of losing the breadwinner, the pension is terminated according to the database of state pension system.
According to the additions and amendments in N10-N NKR Government decision of January 19, 2012 on “Defining the order of providing and paying monthly bonus sizes to the military servicemen and their family members according to the person categories having the right to get bonuses”, the category frameworks were specified, particularly the lists of the persons, who died during NKR defense or during their military duty, the military servicemen who died during the Great Patriotic War or during the military actions in other countries, the military servicemen who became invalids while carrying out their military obligations or during the military service in the armed forces of the USSR.
According to the Government’s another decision the pregnancy and childbirth benefits is renamed to maternity benefit and the compensation order of the financial means spent by the employer for paying the hired workers’ temporary work disability benefits and of the maternity benefits as well are defined.
In the session the Executive Head defined the registration order of both the accountants having the qualification of public sector accountant and of the persons providing accounting services to the public sector organizations.
The Government approved the list of public sector organizations having the need of public sector accountant qualification for working as a chief accountant. In the organizations included in the defined list the new accounting system will work gradually during 2017-2020 according to the timetable defined by the authorized body. The person holding the chief accountant’s position after passing the professional retraining organized by the authorized body, is considered to be qualified as a public sector accountant with the term of at least five years.

The Government approved the project on cultivating perennial grass in a number of communities of Shushi region. The aim of the project is the provision of feed for livestock and amelioration of agricultural lands.
At the end of the session Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan spoke about the April events conditioned by the aggression of Azerbaijan and mentioned that these events will have after-effects at the economy and budget of the republic.
“ We have unforeseen expenses for solving some important problems. Sums have been spent for the reinforcement of the front line and slackening of social tension. Wage compensation and monetary assistance is given to all our compatriots on the front line. On the one hand we must implement these additional expenses, on the other hand we’ll have reduction of incomes. Consequently we must reduce expenses abruptly”- mentioned the Prime Minister and assigned a task to submit suggestions of expenses’ reduction to the Government in a month’s period.
By the Prime Minister’s words the state budget will be revised and submitted to the National Assembly for making changes. A.Harutyunyan assigned tasks to the heads of regional administrations to work out programs for restoration of shelled settlements and development of economy.

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