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AR Executive Head came up with the legislative initiatives in connection with the April events


On June 23, the regular session of Artsakh Republic took place chaired by Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan. At the session the Executive Body came up with a number of legislative initiatives.
In connection with the April events an addition was suggested by the Government in the NKR laws on “Fixed payments” and “Payments under the license agreement”. During last few months in connection with the created situation in the republic not all the branches of the economy succeeded as a result of which the fixed payments and the payments under the license agreement are not equivalent to the expected income amount, which is paid irrespective of the factual income size got by the taxpayer. According to the project package it is foreseen to reduce the sizes of fixed payments and the payments under license agreement for April and December of 2016 applying the reduced coefficient of 0.3 in the regions, and 0.6 in Stepanakert. 1500 taxpayers are going to use this privilege. The same thing concerns the NKR law on “Income Taxes”, which suggests to reduce the bank’s gross income of the current year in case of conceding the accrued and unpaid percent of the credits and accounts receivable, fines and penalties during 2016 of indebted legal and natural persons by banks and credit companies.
Concerning the amendments and additions in the NKR laws on “Bankruptcy”, “Enforcement of judicial decisions”, “State fees”, “Taxes”, the norms of the NKR law drafts are foreseen to solve the main problems which are caused by the created economic state.
With the NKR law draft on “Rates of the Environment protection fees” new rates of environment protection fees are being established. It is directed to the improvement of the environment protection payment calculation system.
The law drafts will be submitted to the National Assembly for debate.
The Government approved the procedure of an automatic change of the corresponding data in the state common registry in case of the change of the data about the legal persons, their subdivisions, offices and private entrepreneurs.
The project of 2016 of the agricultural development of NKR’s regions of Askeran, Hadrut, Martuni and Shahumyan was also approved at the session with the sum of more than 68mln.
According to Prime Minister the Government makes such decisions taking into consideration the current economic state. Necessary reforms are going to be carried out in the economic sphere since the main aim of the authority is to guarantee an efficient and safe transportation.
At the end of the session AR Minister of Agriculture A. Mkhoyan briefed on the introduction about the process of grain harvest carried out in the republic.
“It is necessary to implement a planned joint work in order to have good harvest. The local millers are ready to purvey up to 20 thousand tons of wheat. It is important to realize explanatory works in order not to get under the pressure of landslide of prices”,- said A. Harutyunyan in his concluding speech.

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