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The report on material support by June 23


Since April 4, 2016 with the help of the operative headquarter material means are being recruited for supporting both the citizens suffered from military actions and the Defence Army. Great volume of various goods had been imported to Artsakh by June 23, part of which was transferred to the addressees with the help of the operative headquarter.
The other part of goods was classified by groups and distributed to the Defence Army, to the inhabitants displaced from frontier communities, to hospitals, military hospitals and to the families of volunteers guarding the frontier lines. The great part of the support distributed makes up 10,320 packs, 10,854 boxes,337,64 tons of food, more than 173,817 bottles of drinks, 278,180 packs and 523 boxes of cigarettes, 6,207 bed clothes and so on. Attached are detailed reports on the goods received and distributed up to June 23.
A number of organizations and persons donated cars to Artsakh which were mainly given to the Defence Army. Attached is the list of donators and the list of distribution.

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