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Arayik Harutyunyan received a group of figures from France


On September 26, Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan received the members of the charitable organization “SPFA”, delegations led by Jak Matosyan and chairman of the France-Karabakh friendly group, MP of the French National Assembly Francois Rochbluan.
A.Harutyunyan attached importance to the participation of both French Armenians and Frenchmen in various projects and emphasized the role of SPFA in Artsakh’s life. “We are grateful to all our compassionate friends from France for supporting Artsakh. I am sure you will continue implementing your projects covering more spheres and settlements. The Government is always ready to cooperate with you for the realization of your projects”.
A.Harutyunyan thanked those present for reconstructing the kindergarten of Martuni town and invited to be present at the opening ceremony. The Prime Minister expressed a special gratitude to Francois Rochbluan for playing an active role in Artsakh’s political and public life.
Francois Rochbluan expressed readiness to represent the interests of Artsakh in France for the sake of peace and welfare of Artsakh people.
After the meeting the head of the Government and the guests participated in the opening ceremony of the kindergarten in Martuni. Thanks to the joint efforts of French and Russian Armenians 150 children attend the kindergarten which has all modern conveniences. The Prime Minister considered the benefactors' work as a long-term investment in Artsakh’s education and demography.

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