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The AR Government's regular session took place


On December 2, the AR Government’s regular session took place chaired by Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan. The Government made some changes and additions in the sphere of the organization of passenger transportation by automobile transport in the territory of the republic in order to more specify the regimes.
By the financial means of the program of 2016 of the agricultural development of Askeran, Hadrut, Martuni and Shahumyan regions, only works of pasture and irrigation system improvement are being implemented according to the Government decision within the frameworks of sub-regional program: works of construction and reconstruction of sources are also to be done in the communities.
The technical regulation of eggs and egg products has been approved at the session according to which the requirements for egg and egg products safety, their production, packing, transportation, utilization have been established. The Government has also approved the necessary sample instruction of setting the maximum amounts of veterinary medicines residues in products of animal origin for carrying out control of residual materials which is directed to the promotion of the level of food security and export.
Based on the requirements of NKR law on “Food Safety” the Government has made a decision of clarifying the formulations in the relevant checklists. The Executive Head came up with the initiative of legislative changes introducing the package of law drafts of making changes and additions on “State Pensions”, “Social Guarantees of persons occupying public positions”.
According to the law daft of making changes and additions in the NKR law on “Employment” it is suggested from January,1 to repeal all those programs on employment sphere that have been considered ineffective for a further use. As a result of labor market research new programs are going to be worked up instead.
The decision on establishing procedures for granting support to agricultural economy through promotion of seasonal business was reversed at the meeting. The project must have been implemented in the region of Askeran in 2016 but it failed.
Based on the necessity to prolong the system of poverty assessment the Government has changed the previous decision since there are some problems connected with the remuneration, civil status acts as well as with movable and immovable property data . The information databases are mainly missing or incomplete or it is impossible to get online data , it is fully possible to use only the personalized database of the income tax. In the Government's previous decisions some changes have been made according to which the 2nd and 3rd group invalids having NKR permanent military disability, the children of the soldiers killed while being on the NKR defense duty ,the refugees and one parent families in case of buying apartments or houses on mortgage loans or for restoring them during the provision of state financial support the annual rate of subsidy for mortgage loan must not exceed the double of reference rate of banking interest established by the Armenian Central Bank instead of the current refinancing interest rate. For building an apartment house the families made up of spouses of 18-40 years old one of which been permanently residing in rural or urban areas for the last five years will also get financial support up to 3,000,000 AMD.
At the session according to the change made in the N944 decision of 2017, December 27, the national framework of NKR qualifications has been established. The Government has identified the list of diseases conferring the right to home studying. Other changes and additions on traffic safety decisions have been also made at the session.


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