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“It is a year of victory and development”,-said Arayik Harutyunyan at year-end press conference


On December 27, Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan held a year-end press conference, during which he answered to more than three dozens of different questions of the journalists. Welcoming the media representatives the Prime Minister mentioned that in spite of complicated political military situation, the Government succeeded in concluding the year of 2016 with a planned economic growth. According to the Government Head all the social programs are fully carried out and for the Executive the financial year is coming to its end without any responsibilities left. Referring to 2017, A. Harutyunyan mentioned that it is foreseen to provide a real economic growth of 8-10 % in coming year.
Mainly referring to the developments on Karabakhian conflict negotiation process, A. Harutyunyan mentioned that with the support of the mediators the current process can be described not as negotiations but as meetings. “Of course the meetings are important for as a result there is no large-scale war in the region. What concerns the final options of the conflict regulation then it must be said that the approach of the Armenian side is precise, any option suggested must be approved by the people”, said the Prime Minister.
Answering the question about the restoration of Talish region, the Prime Minister said “ First, the engineering works that are being done as well as the technical recruitment in the frontline give us the basis to say that any encroachment of the opponent will be quickly prevented by our army. As a result diminution of border incidents during the last period is apparent. Second, in case of possible war security problem will be for all settlements and it will be wrong to detach any settlement. The Government will keep frontier villages in the focus of attention providing the inhabitants extra social guarantees”, emphasized the Prime Minister.
In his speech A.Harutyunyan particularly said:
“I consider 2016 a year of important achievements in Artsakh’s life. We’ll have a chance to appreciate April, it was really our second victory as we could prove the enemy that he has no right and chance to speak with us with the power of weapons. Moreover we proved the international community that Armenians are united and they join and face the danger together.
We succeeded in the provision of economic and demographic growth, proved that Artsakh’s fate is guaranteed politically, economically and militarily. We recorded another year of development. Actually, the passing year was a year of development, victory and success.
I congratulate you and the whole Armenian nation in view of the New Year and Christmas hoping to have progress but no “April events” in 2017.

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