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The Government session took place chaired by Bako Sahakyan


On January 25 the first AR Government session of 2017 took place chaired by Bako Sahakyan
At the session the Executive approved the action plan of 2017 of AR Government. It was made up according to the NKR President's N.40 decree of 2007,December 12 on the basis of suggestions done by state administrative bodies and is directed to the implementation of Government's activity program of 2015-2017.
According to the Minister-Chief of AR Government Staff Levon Grigoryan the involvement of 89 events within the annual program is conditioned by the necessity of ensuring the continuity of a number of programs as well as of creating legal basis for ensuring the enforcement of a range of laws. The major part of the events is foreseen for solving problems of social, healthcare, educational, economic and environmental character.
The Government approved the state-funded program of capital investments being carried out by the means of AR state budget of 2017. It was worked out by taking into consideration the president’s assignments, the problems set in the urban development sphere as well as the medium-term expenditure program provisions and the suggestions of political parties.
According to Karen Shahramanyan , the AR Minister of Urban Development, the capital expenditures being carried out by the means of state budget of 2017 make up 11mlrd 700mln AMD as compared to the previous year when it made up 11mlrd 660mln AMD. It makes up the 12.4 % of the state budget of 2017. Mainly the program is directed to the house construction which includes the subprograms of solving housing problems of large families, families of fallen soldiers or families belonging to social groups.
More than 1mlrd 727mln AMD will be allocated for Co-financing of projects with “Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund which will be mainly directed to the improvement of educational system buildings as well as to the construction of houses for special occasions and regional centers.
1mlrd 500mln is foreseen for the implementation of land works and for equipping the positions of defense army’s frontlines. More than 806 mln AMD is foreseen for the implementation of works of water supply system restoration in 17 communities.
The Government approved both the event list and the program of 2017-2019 ensuring the fulfillment of the NKR state demographic policy concept. The program defines the main directions and tasks of demographic policy; mainly the provision of birth rate, the improvement of infant mortality rate, the provision of support to young families, the implementation of monitoring in the sphere of social defense, the improvement of children’s social conditions cared in the social protection institutions and so on.
The AR Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Samvel Avanesyan introduced the demographic rates recorded in 2015-2016 in the republic. According to the minister in 2016, 2471 births were recorded as compared to 2015(2582), it decreased by 111. The number of dead people made up 1222 in 2016 as compared to 2015(1290) decreasing by 68.
Taking into consideration the demographic rates recorded in 2016, the state program of 2017-2019 is foreseen for continuing the implementation of all those programs promoting birth, reducing mortality rate, providing healthcare and so on.
In his closing speech president Sahakyan referred to the social-economic rates of 2016, as well as to the achievements, problems and the works done. The Head of the Republic mentioned that in spite of all the difficulties, they managed to maintain the pace of economic development in 2016 and to record an economic growth of 9 % of GDP.
Speaking about the tasks of 2017 the Head of the Republic emphasized that it is important to keep the high level of works being carried out as well as the level of systemization, the productive use of state means. “Everything that has been outlined and approved according to corresponding laws and Government decisions, is to be implemented in unconditional and consistent manner”,-mentioned the NKR President.


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