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The special account of receipts and expenditures report, 2017. January 1


The AR Government published a general report on the special account of receipts and expenditures as for January 1,2017.
From April 4 of 2016 to January 1 of 2017 overall 5,484,130,100 AMD has been transferred to the special account of the Government by 7,903 natural and juridical persons. According to the currency the transfers have been distributed this way: 2,519,339,800 AMD, 5,032,601 USD, 180,428 euro և 62,631,827 RUB.
For January 1 of the same year a number of costs of various character have been done from the sums raised as well as from off-budget accounts with the overall size of 6,003,654,100 AMD which is expressed in the following general lines:
.A transfer to the NKR Defense Ministry: 1,359,862,200AMD. Those means were directed to the corresponding needs and priorities.
.Acquisition of military technology and equipment: 1,458,724,500AMD. Such kind of equipment placed along the frontline has increased the defensive level of the positions as well as enlarged the possibilities to control the opponents’ movements both in near and far territories and during both daytime and nighttime.
.Implementation of engineering works: 1,144,556,400 AMD. These works included construction and improvement of both the frontline and rear engineering fortifications.
.Implementation of both capital expenditure and services for Defense Army’s infrastructure needs and for transport and communication: 1,012,035,600 AMD. Through these expenditures frontline service infrastructures have been improved and communication means have been modernized.
.Financial assistance to recruited citizens and volunteers: 1,028,476,400 AMD. Financial assistance was provided to those volunteers with NKR registration who were either unemployed / self-employed and lost some income during their volunteering works or who used to receive salary lower from the fixed amount size.
We must mention that more than 520 million AMD was spent from the Government off-budget account. Besides the works done with the sum raised in the special account number of the Government, natural and juridical persons also showed assistance – cars, engineering equipments and other necessary accessories. Considerable part of engineering works had been done by private construction companies partly compensated by the Government.
The Government expresses gratitude to all those who helped with their donations to make possible the realization of the abovementioned works.
We attach importance to the transparency of our activity and we are ready to submit the details to the society.

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